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Three sites to make a lot of money online

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Hi, This should be a short and direct way to make a lot of money online almost instantly.

All you need to invest is your time and probably the skills you already have.

Most ways to make money takes time and you earn less at the beginning. One advantage of this is you build a stream of income, like passive residual income, this means after building a solid base you will not have to work so hard to earn. You will be receiving income as others or system works for you.

The sites I’m going to show you are not those types though. Here you earn for a task you take, you have to do something to earn. If you don’t test an app you won’t earn. I have written other posts for passive residual income.

Here are the three ways and how to get started with them.

Testing Time

Testing time is a usability testing site that pays people or testers for completing a usability test on products, complete studies/surveys, diary studies and more. Well, that is confusing, I’m also confused haha let us make it easy.

As a company or individual developer, after developing a new app/site or added a new feature, You may want to know users feedback. You must have some feedback before you go live. That is where testing time comes in.

You are connected to a research/study that is relevant to you according to your profile.

You do the sturdy and wait for payment.

Who is eligible for testing time?

Probably everyone anywhere in the world can signup and get started.

You need a skype and be comfortable on webcam as most of the tasks will require video calls.

How much can you earn?

Well depends with the effort you put and your profile ie the kind of jobs you’ll be matched with.

Mostly they pay between $25 and $60 per task complete.

They send payment to Bank or Paypal after 7 days of completing the task.

How to get started.

Of cause just head to

Create an account. This takes like 5 mins since they ask some other extra questions. You will be asked age, location, job etc

You will need your phone around for verification

Summary of testing time.

  • Jobs are always available and you get an email when there is a new match
  • They provide you with basic training to help you understand what you will do.
  •  Testing time is worth your time. $60 in 90 mins is worth it.
  • They pay with Paypal which is great
  • Not a steady source of income
  • You have to be comfortable on camera

Testing time is a good way to make a lot of money online


Respondent works the same as the as testing time. The respondent, however, pays more than testing time. You can earn up to  $100 per hour with the respondent. I have not earned from taking a sturdy but I referred people who completed studies and earned $50 from each.

The best part is now the referral. Use my link I’ll be glad 


It is advisable to register with Linkedin to signup as its more of business.

Be honest, this will help you and the companies taking the survey. Give true answers when taking the screening.

Take screening quickly; if you delay some other people will take all of them

How Do I Sign up for Respondent?

Signing up for Respondent is easy.

Just head over to their website and you can set up an account today in minutes.

If you are looking for a high-paying side hustle that doesn’t require a ton of your time, Respondent could be what you need. Check it out today!

Other Legit sites

  • User Interviews
  • Fieldwork

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