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Premise app to make money | Review

The premise is an app that pays you to complete some very small tasks. In this post, I’ll talk about using premise app to make money. My quick opinion on whether the app is worth your time or not is that:

Yes Premise is legit and it pays, the premise is worth it. You won’t spend much timwithdraw premise to airtel moneye on it but they will pay you for simple tasks.

Contributors are paid through Paypal, Bitcoin and MPESA for Kenyans. Again this is the first app I know that pays with Airtel Money as well. See my other app like this here

What is Premise?

An app that connects users and organizations and governments together to perform studies or surveys. Most of the world organizations both governmental and non-governmental organizations pay premise to conduct specific surveys on their behalf.  Premise intern pays the contributors for completing these surveys.

Why do I like Premise App?

Premise app asks you local questions, and tasks closer to you.   These are questions you will feel good answering honestly and by the way, your answers help these organizations make the right decisions for development in your area. Basically you are paid to help the society you are from.

Task on Premise app

The tasks that you will do are simple once like survey, taking pictures, reporting on the price of items etc.

Currently, there are three types of Tasks.

  • Survey tasks are easy, you answer simple questions from anywhere. Questions you can relate to. I get like 3 to 6 of this every single day. They take three to 5 mins to complete and earns you Ksh. 3 to Ksh.5 or more.
  • Locate tasks: These tasks require you to find specific types of places. Find any location that meets the requirements. For example ‘provide information and photos’ of ‘bus stop’
  • Explore tasks: Tasks in this category are slightly hard. They require you to travel to a specific location and share information about it. You will be given an address to go to and describe. They pay better than others.

tasks on premise apptasks on premise app

How much can you earn?

I love numbers but this is hard to tell. If you are doing survey tasks only assuming you get 4 per day then each pay Ksh. 3 you can earn Ksh. 360 per month.

If you do a survey and locate, Locate tasks are more, so say 10 in a day and they are Ksh.10 each so you have 100 per day and Ksh.3000 per month.

Lastly do Explore tasks like two. say they are 300 each.

So you can get, Ksh.3,660 every month and you hardly spent 2 hours in a day. Isn’t it worth it?

You don’t need referrals here. You can use the premise app to make money without any referral they don’t have it at all.

premise payment history

How to get started with Premise app.

It is simple and straight forward.


  • Download the Premise App and create an account.

  • Select your payment method and enter your account information.

  • Complete your first task.

  • Once you’ve completed enough tasks, you’ll be ready to cash out.

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