making money with honeygain

Making money with Honeygain (review)

I’m so excited to share with you about making money with honeygain. I write about other ways you can make some extra money and sites and apps that can help you do so. You may read my other articles.

making money with honeygain

How does honeygain work?

Honeygain is an app that pays users for their unused internet. Like you share bandwidth and get paid. According to the website, Honeygain turns your device into a gateway, allowing clients to use your IP to perform SEO monitoring, brand protection campaigns, ad verification, travel fare aggregation and market research.

How to start earning 

It is relatively simple to start earning with honeygain. Before you go please continue reading first. If you are impatient here are the steps haha…

  • Install the app
  • Register and leave it connected to the internet
  • That’s all no other steps. You would use my referral link To get $50 bonus.

Is honeygain safe?

They claim they only keep user email, IP and chosen mode of payment, that’s not harmful. Again the app does not ask for any extra permission like contacts, messages or calls. To me, it is safe enough.

Payment on honeygain 

Honeygain pays user via Paypal 

honeygain payment on paypal.

You earn credit for every KB of data you share.

10mbs is equivalent to 1 credit

10 credits are equal to $ 0.01

Meaning $1 is equal to 10GB

The minimum withdrawal amount is  $20

Tips for earning fast on honeygain

As you can see making money with honeygain might be slow. It all depends on your internet speed.

My goal is to withdraw every month, for that let us work with  10GB a day that is $1 

  • Use fast Wi-Fi
  • Use three devices per network. You can use unlimited devices but ensure they are three per network
  • Use honeygain promotion code to join. You can use mine or the person who shared this post with you. You will get $5 for using the code. SOMBOF8AB7
  • Refer people, You will earn 10% of your referrals income. If one of them earns $30 a month you will have $3 extra every month. What if You have 10 referrals? That is $30 extra on your income. It is hard to refer people to honeygain as they don’t need to pay anything or buy any product or package.

They say 1 phone can do 2GB to 15GB in a day this can earn some good extra money. The most exciting bit is you don’t have to do anything. Your phone’s performance is not compromised either.

I use other methods along with this app. For instance, I listen to music on the current app and chart on wowapp too.

Credits expire after 6 months on inactivity so always login even if its for 20 mins.

Don’t try to cheat.

Don’t use honeygain VPS

Now only this one app will never make you rich, well it might haha. But my point is, you should not expect to earn a fortune from this app alone. Try others and make this side income. Maybe to pay for your internet or TV subscription


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