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Make Money by Blogging | Must read

Another easy yet demanding way to make money online is to make money by blogging. Blogging is when you own a website(blog) where you share your views on a product, experience or share your knowledge in a particular field, normally by writing. Once you start writing you become a blogger. In this post, you will find if blogging is for you or not.

Blogging is awesome since you can work from home or anywhere in the world, you also work at your own time and speed. Freedom that you will never get on your 8 am – 5 pm day job.

Most people have made their living purely from blogging, I know blog site that makes up to $100+ in a day. However, to get there it takes time and hard work. The amount you earn depends highly on the traffic you receive. To get high traffic you need good SEO (search engine optimization) practice. SEO takes around 3 – 6 months some times 1 year before you can start getting reasonable organic traffic.

If you are looking for ways to earn money in the next 10 mins you might want to look for other ways like listening to music or join crowd1

That said if you were planning to quit your job and blog full time, then you may want to wait till you can earn from blog more than you get from your job. Some times blogging just doesn’t work.


Who is blogging for?

Well anyone who loves to express themselves in writing. If you can share your knowledge in writing in s simple yet effective way then you can succeed in making money by blogging.

There are no extra skills required here. Just mastery of your domain.

How long Does it take to start a blog

Starting a blog or simply setting things up may sound so hard and complicated but it is not really that hard. In fact, you don’t need any programming experience at all.

If you are familiar with web development it may take you a few minutes to set up. On the other hand, if you have no prior knowledge of how the internet works then it might take you up to a day or two to set everything and customize them for your preference.

Again there are two ways you can easily get started.

  • Use pre-built sites like WordPress, blogger etc: These are sites that have been coded and very suitable for anyone who wants to start making money from blogging yet they are not a techie. This method has only one limiting factor; you can’t customize some parts of the pages. It also has several advantages:
    • Time-saving: You simply click buttons and have a quality blog site in minutes.
    • Easy to use: Anyone can do it, regardless of your background.
    • Cheap: Especially if you are paying someone.
    • Availability of tools: Most of the tools you will need are available in terms of plugins that you just install.
    • Professional: The themes and plugins were made by professionals hence should be faster and light.
  • Build from scratch. If you are a developer you can build your blogsite from scratch. This will be helpful since you have the ability to customize everything to your need and preference. However, it takes time and it might drain you to put everything together eg, comments, newsletter, user registrations, security etc

Personally, I use WordPress for this blog and three others but I also have one that I developed from scratch you can check it out   I made this from scratch since it was to act as my portfolio site.

If I can compare performance, They are almost same only that took longer to rank. WordPress ranked faster.  I bet is because of SEO tools I use like Yoast.

Unless you have a serious reason for using custom site created from scutch, simply use one of the free themes and CMS available. My preference is wordpress

Why WordPress?


WordPress is for several pages that will load dynamically, others like Weebly or Wix are mainly there for static single pages. WordPress was designed for blogging, and the community is so big, meaning if you get a problem its os easy to get a solution.

How do blogs make money?

There are several ways that you can use to monetize your blog. I will do another post just for that alone but for now, let us see the most common ways to monetize your blog so you start making money blogging.

Affiliate marketing:

You can have links to other products that you get a commission when people buy from your link. You can get these products from a place like Amazon.

Make promoted Posts:

Where you are paid to review a product either before launch or after launch. There are also sites to find these gigs you can ask around too.

Sell your own products:

You can sell your own products, like Tshirts, books, etc. You can also sell your services on your site like you would do on other freelancing sites.

Earn from Advertisement network like Adsense:

Where ad networks like google advertise on your site and pay you per click and per view. Now I put this down here because it pays the least if you are just starting. If you have good traffic it pays well though.make money by blogging

Tips for a successful blog

There are things you should do right to boost your success in this field of blogging. Here are some of the tips I’d share with you from my experience in making money blogging.

  • Choose domain or nitch that you are comfortable with. This important since you will be writing a lot on this nitch. For example, if you are good at cooking you may start a food blog. And if you travel a lot and enjoy that you can create a travel blog.
  • Stick to your nitch. Most of the time, it is very easy to write unrelated posts. If you have a  travel blog, don’t write about sports or tech in it. Google and search engine will always try to classify websites according to the niche. If your site is 30% travel, 30% food, 30% electronic and computer and 10% news google crawlers will get confused and leave your site. It is also very easy not to get accepted for ads. We’ll talk about this in other posts.
  • Make unique and quality content. If you copy-paste or write low-quality content users won’t come back, the next time they see your site in search results they will know its trust. It is very important to be unique and add value to your readers. It is also good for SEO. When people spend more time on your site, Google will know that your content is actually useful.
  • Listen to your readers. Your readers will give feedback, comment etc, reply and let them feel they are part of your blog community.
  • Love your blog. It is important to love your blog, that way you will do only the good things. Anyway who will love your blog if you the owner don’t love it? It will die the moment you stop loving it.
  • Be professional don’t over criticize other blogs or bloggers and products. Be kind what goes around comes back
  • Stay open-minded. you will get a lot of advice from friends, other bloggers and your readers. You have to make some decisions rightly otherwise you might destroy the performance of your site as well.

Stay tuned… If you have not registered for my newsletter yet then you should. So that you don’t miss anytime I make a new post. I will be writing more about blogging in the upcoming posts.

Which nitch will you start a blog in?  Tell me in the comment section. Thank you for reading and success.


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