How I started to make money online in kenya

Here is a short story of how I(about me) learnt about how to make money online in Kenya and anywhere in the world and how I got started. This might not be helpful but I feel like writing it anyway hahaha..

So back in 2014, I visited my uncle during the December holiday, I was in form three then. I had access to a laptop, phone and internet even though the main thing I used all that for was youtube and Facebook.

One of the evenings my aunt asked me to join them to a meeting, invite that accepted even before she finished, on arrival my uncle was the speaker teaching people how to grow their network, it was GNLD meeting. I started to know that there are other ways of making money other than employment. I didn’t do anything though.

I kept visiting my uncle every holiday and seeing him taking serious his side hustles. I earnt about bitcoin from presentations he was doing to his prospects, did my research and by the time I was finishing KCSE I was sure my first Million would come from Bitcoin.

Fast forward to 2016  and I have finished school and now moved in and staying with my uncle. The first thing He did was to buy me a smartphone and within a few weeks, I was a member of essentialpesa. So my first way to make money online was essentialpesa. Essential Pesa allows you to earn commissions from airtime you buy for yourself or airtime bought by any member of your team(referrals)

making money online in kenya with essential pesa
After successfully registering a new member

While doing essentialpesa I didn’t miss training, and as a result, I had some good network of like-minded people. I also learnt to grow a network, how MLM works and many more. I still do essentialpesa and if you want to join, just contact me.

My next program was Wowapp, again introduced by my uncle. Wowapp is an app like Whatsapp, you can chat, call, read the news, watch ads, do surveys and many more As you do all this you earn. What the owners do is they share with you 60+%  of their ad revenue. I found it easy to grow network here because I already had people from essentialpesa. In case you want to check it out,( I still do it and earn some coins there).

Along the way, I have done several online businesses, many pyramid schemes, many scams and many that just don’t work. But the greatest thing is that I have learnt a lot.

I’m currently doing a lot of things including blogging as a source on making money from home. Even though I don’t make much yet, I am confident I know what should be done and how to do them right. That is what I’ll be sharing on this site.

What I’ve learnt in a nutshell¬†

  • To succeed here you need a mentor: I’m lucky my uncle is my mentor. Your mentor will guide you through your early days and shorten your learning curve.
  • You need commitment: You won’t just click a button and get money, you must put in work.
  • Keep learning: After identifying a way you want to make money, you have to learn more about it. ensure you understand well how it works, this will not only help you get more tips but also get more people Join you if its network or affiliate marketing.
  • Growing a network is very important: However how much money you invest you will always need people to register under you. Build network!

My top Programs in 2020

I’ll write about these soon. And of cause, there will be more ways to make money online in Kenya and the rest of the world.

Hope you enjoyed reading this, I’ll be glad if you leave a comment below and join our newsletter

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  1. Keep it up! online jobs is very good because the more you refer people the more you earn so it’s your duty to work hard and achieve your dreams.

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