Earning from wowapp full Guide|(tips and tricks) 2020

I started using wowapp back in 2016 and its something I have never regretted. In this article, I’ll show you how to earn from wowapp, give you wowapp earning tricks and tips.


Wowapp is a free instant messenger like Skype, WhatsApp and Facebook messenger that works on iPhone, android, ios, tablet, windows and mac. This app gives users multiple ways to earn from using it.

You get paid with Paypal and bank account.

You will accumulate wow coins which will be converted to real money.

100 wow coins = $1 

And 100 wow coins = Ksh. 100  meaning 1 coin is equal to Ksh. 1

To start earning a reasonable amount of many from wowapp, be sure to read my legit tips. And how to get started below.

I also write about other apps that make money

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Like Facebook, messenger app where owners make money either from ads or user’s subscription, Wowapp makes money from ads.

The owners of wowapp decided to share up to 70% of the revenue earned from this app. The founders wanted normal users regardless of where you are or your skills to also earn from the multi-billion industry of ads. The other 30% goes to different charities and maintaining this app.

There are ten (10) ways of earning from wowapp. they are Instant Earn, Shop online, Games, Talk(calls); Store credit, Smart slide, Smart web, Chart and news, Computer and web, Doing good.

Those are just some ways you can earn money from wowapp. you don’t have to do all of them, in fact, you can grow your referral network and earn without doing any. Let us discuss these ways in-depth before I give you wowapp earning tricks.

wowapp overview review

Instant Earn

Instantly earn WowCoins by performing fun and interesting activities such as watching a video, taking a survey, installing an app and much more. The earnings from instant earn are updated instantly.

Here you complete really simple tasks like following celebrities online or watching a short video ad that is 30 seconds long.

You can earn a lot if you invest your time on instant earn.

Shop online

This allows you to earn when you shop from selected shops around the world.

You first search for a product you want to buy then choose a shop and complete purchase. As a result, you will earn part of your money back as wowapp coins

I feel this is a great opportunity to save and do good at the same time.

Earn playing games

You can enjoy playing games and get paid real cash. As you play games ads will show up and these are what will pay you.

In recent years I have learnt to love ads, why? Because there is just so much money in ads. I always want to have a portion of this money.


Earn WowCoins by making paid calls. Well paid calls are those that you buy credit from within the app and call numbers outside wowapp at a low rate.
With WowApp you can easily call mobiles and landlines outside WowApp at some of the lowest rates. Every paid WowApp call earns you WowCoins and does good in the world.

Store Credit

Earn gift cards by shopping at your favourite stores.
Make purchases at stores from and you earn WowCoins that you can cash out as gift cards for the same store.

Smart Slide

Earn WowCoins by opening your phone.
With Smart slide, each time you or your downline unlock your phone you will earn extra coins.
An ad will appear on the screen. Trust me it’s not those annoying ads

Smart Web

Smart web is a browser extension then will notify you when one of the stores partnering with wowapp is offering cashback.wowapp account on web

Install Smart Web on your browser and surf the Internet. Smart Shopper lets you know when you can receive cash back for your online shopping.

Chat & News

Earn WowCoins from chatting, reading news, making free calls, video calls, sharing files and much more.
We all chat and technically do all the above, the difference is that we don’t get paid if we are not using wowapp.
I at some point tried to transfer my Whatsapp groups to wowapp. that made me have some good network.
  • Use WowApp on your mobile to earn real money and do good at the same time.
  • Read the latest news from top publishers worldwide, directly from your phone or computer.
  • Read the latest news from top publishers worldwide, directly from your phone or computer.
  • In addition to earnings generated using the app and reading news, you also receive WowCoins every time your network uses WowApp.

Computer & Web

Earn WowCoins from your WowApp activity on your Computer.
Chat with friends directly from your computer or check your account status on
Install WowApp on your Computer, invite your friends and enjoy to earn and do good.
Chat, make free calls, share files and follow up on your conversations, directly from your computer.
Every time you or anyone in your network uses WowApp on their Computer, you earn WowCoins and do good in the world.

Doing Good

WowApp is the app where you do good and make a difference in the world through activities you already do every day.
A percentage of your daily earnings is automatically distributed to your supported charities.
Choose up to 5 charities close to your heart and support them by using WowApp every day.
In addition to the automatically donated amounts, you can donate up to 100% of your own earnings to make an even bigger difference in your world!

How to Get Started Earning From wowapp

Wowapp only allows registration from invite-only. Meaning you must be placed under an already existing user.

If someone referred or shared this post with you please get back to them and ask for their link.

You can use my link to signup the first one. Or join any of the other links listed below and I’ll list your link as well


Diana :

Pauline :

Bill :

For those who will join with my link from the time of this post. I’ll list your link here so one can choose the person they want to join. If you are already a member then leave your link on the comment section.

When you click the link, you will be taken to the user’s personal page.

my personal page

Click on join the person and you will find the registration form below.

Fill it carefully and download the app.

wowapp registration form

And you are all set.

Wowapp Earning Tricks

I’ll share some legal tricks you can use to earn faster with wowapp. Personally, these are the tips I use.

  1. Understand how everything works: it is very important that you explore every feature of wowapp and know exactly what it does. This will help you know which feature makes more money for you and also aid in helping you get more referrals.
  2. Grow your network: The more network you have the more chances you will earn more. Assuming you have 100 people in your network and from each, you get $0.01 a day that will be $1(Ksh.100) per day. That might be less but what if you get 1000 people?
  3. Always be active. Try to maintain using wowapp on a daily basis.
  4. Do instant earnings: This will pay you a lot of money. install apps, do surveys, watch short video ads, under instant earn here there is Appzilo this is my favourite. I follow people, like, subscribe etc and earn a lot of coins. This is where I spend a lot of time in the morning.
  5. Engage your referrals: It is obvious that most of the referrals will be inactive. We can always reduce the number of inactive users, remember inactive user isn’t beneficial to you or even themselves.
  6. Help your referrals do what you do.

Earning from wowapp payment proof

I’m sure most people would want to see payment proof. Here they are

wowapp payment proof 1proof 2

Share with me your tricks and tips too on the comment section. You can read other wars to make money online here

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