Earn from listening to music (in kenya)

Everyone loves music, how about you listen to your favourite music and make money? Yes, it is possible to earn from listening to music. In this post,  I’ll share with you two main ways that have worked for me and I’ll give you other available sites that will pay you to listen to music.

How is it even possible? 

Well, three ways are clear to me on why you can be paid to listen to music:

  • A new artist who wants to be known or creating an online presence will pay these site owners to reach audience worldwide or in some region. For this, you will just listen to music and earn. Assuming you now know that a particular artist exists.
  • In between ads: You may get advertisements between music which aren’t so annoying. As you can tell they pay the site owners who intern pay you.
  • You may be asked to review the song at the end. This helps artists improve their work and you are worth being paid.

Here are the top two ways that I earn from listening to music in Kenya. I’ll appreciate if you use my referral link, and I’ll also help you get more referrals if you signup with my link.

Before continuing I think its important to mention that these sites won’t earn you much. Its just extra income, you can’t quit your job for them. I suggest you register on both to increase your income. 

Current App

The current app is my best, you don’t review any music and you don’t even have to change any habit. If you always listen to music while studying you can still do that only that you now do it from the app. The best part is you can play music in the background or with the screen locked.

The current app can be downloaded free the play store and once you register you start earning immediately. Get the app here (my link)

Apart from earning from listening to music, the current app has other several ways of earning including:

  • Completing Tasks and surveys
  • Watching short video ads
  • Just using the app daily you get rewarded
  • Inviting(Referrals ) others. You bring more friends you earn 5% of their earnings too. meaning you don’t have to listen to music if you can invite.


You earn points and you are paid to Paypal, amazon gifts or other products. You can request withdrawal anytime you reach the limit which is $ 1 as the time of this writing.  I have withdrawn from this app so it pays

Earn from listening to music in kenya
withdrawal made
Earn from listening to music


  • Watch some videos ads a day
  • Complete a task or survey a day
  • Invite as many people as you can.
  • Withdraw frequently as you will be paid more per music.

Get the current app here

Radio Earn(Earn from listening to music)

I like radio earn because its also global meaning you can earn from listening to music from anywhere in the world. All you have to do is open a channel on your browser and let it play music. You can even mute or play more than one channel. Referral feature is also great.

Get the link here https://radioearn.com/?ref=57195

The following are other options you can try out, this is what you need to do

  1. Go to the site you like.
  2. Create your free account there.
  3. Once your account gets approved you can start working.
  4. Listen to music songs and write your review about it.
  5. Once you have enough points/money, you can redeem it.
  6. Enjoy






Tell me your favourite in the comments section below.

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