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Buzzbreak Review | How much you can make with buzzbreak

Buzzbreak is an application that will reward you to read the news, watch short video ads, watch funny videos, complete surveys, invite friends and much more. This is awesome. You even get points for just opening the app daily. Here is the complete Buzzbreak review and how much you can make with buzzbreak.

As a coder, let’s see if this app can sustain itself, is it legit, scam or a waste of time.

Well, my quick answer will be Legit and is able to sustain itself. However to know whether it is a waste of time you may need to read more about how it works below. It also depends on your goals, do you want an app to make you a billionaire or millionaire? If yes then Buzzbreak is not for you try CROWD1.

Buzzbreak is suitable for those who want to earn some few more $$ on their monthly income. What you earn depends entirely on the time you spend on this app. The good thing is it gives you what you want. Local news, and funny videos that almost everyone likes. If you are the person who wants to add just a few more $$ then here is a quick signup process. But read to the bottom plus comments to learn more on how to succeed with it

How to get started

To get started with Buzzbreak simply go to play store and download the app. You can see they have over 1 million downloads as of this writing.

buzzbreake playstore

The second thing you need to do is have either google account or Facebook account to signup for the app.

Step 3. Very important, use my referral code: B09863633 

You earn 1000 points and I get 9000 points fair win since I had to write this haha lol.

To add my code. Got to the wallet and click on enter code under earn, see the images:

step1 to enter reffferal code in buzzbreak

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How to Earn from Buzzbreak

Buzzbreak gives you coins that you can redeem to cash. Paid to Paypal.

Currently, the minimum withdrawal amount is $5 which is equal to 5,000,000 points. You must be saying that’s crazy right? It’s achievable with little plan lets see how you can get it within the shortest time possible.

Assuming you have bothered all the free points that I’ll show you in a few minutes. Here are some ways you can earn daily to achieve your goal.

Reading news.

Reading news is my favourite way to earn. You read short yet informative news that is relevant to you, both your interest and location.

You get 100 points per news you read. and it takes you at most 2 mins to read one news. Let’s do the math:

Let us work with $1 that is 1,000,000.

If 1 post gives us 100 points then 1,000,000 points are equal to 10,000 posts

If you spend 3 hours a day on this app reading you’ll read 90+ posts I’ll make it 120 posts but it can be more since the articles are pretty short.

to get the number of days it will take you to get $1 if you are only reading the news for 3hours a day and not inviting anyone and watching videos, taking gifts and surveys, is 83 days. Divide 10,000 posts which are equal to $1 by the number of posts per day that is 120. Double the time you spent and earn $1  in 41 days.

This is still hard and not profitable. what else can you do?:

Funny videos

My second interesting way is watching funny videos, you don’t have to watch the full video, just 30 seconds and you earn your 100 points. Quick math,

Within 3 hours you can watch 360 videos which give you 36,000 points a day

In one month you will have 1,080,000 points which are more than $1 just from 30 seconds videos.

Daily Checkin Bonus

Just ensure you claim these points, averagely 3000 points a day. For me, I get the 8000 points every day.

Translating to 240,000 points per month.

30 mins gifts.

After every thirty minutes, you get a gift worth 480 points if you collect them for 10 hours you will be having 20 x 480  that is 9600 points per day.

For a month that is 288,000 points.

Referral commission.

You get 10,000 points when your friends join. Then you will be earning 20% of the points they earn, for a lifetime.

If you invite 10 people every month you get 100,000 points every month. You can get more since they don’t invest money.

Then if your friends make 3,000,000 points per months you will earn 300,000 points from just a friend. For the 10 friends  that is 6,000,000 points per month

So referral will make you. 6,100,000 points.

How much can you earn from Buzzbreak in a month?

This will depend on several things.

  1. Number of time you spend on the app
  2. Number of referrals
  3. Ways you prefer to use to earn
  4. How much your referrals make.

Here is my own amount I feel you can make from Buzzbreak.

  • Referals =  6,100,000 points.
  • 30 mins gift = 288,000 points.
  • Checkin bonus = 240,000 points
  • Funny vides =  1,080,000 points
  • News = 100,000 points
  • Total = 7,708,000 points
  • Amount in USD = $7.6
  • Wthout any referral = $ 1.6 

People already spend a lot of time on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok etc and they don’t get paid anything. What if you spend 3 – 6 hours on this app every day and refer people and teach them to do what you do.

Again it is not to make you rich but its money you would not have made anyway. You can check our other apps and sites here

There is a similar app that you don’t do anything like Current music app where you earn for listening to music and honeygain where you earn for simply installing the app. Check them out.

Other earnings on Buzzbreak

  1. Registration bonus = 5000
  2. Share 10000
  3. Facebook connecting = 1000
  4. And many more.


Buzzbreak won’t make you rich it will be hard to get even $100 from Buzzbreak, however, t is a legit true way to make extra income. Especially if you grow an active network. While reading on buzzbreak, You can make honeygain to make you some money in the background as well as Current app playing music and earning you. So you have like $30 – $50 at the end of the month.

Thank you for reading this, let us know how much you make with Buzzbreak and other apps in the comment section. I’d like to hear from you as well.


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