Beats and Tango Review | Scam or Legit?

You probably have heard about beats and tango. Before you decide to invest or give it your time let us give beats and tango review really quick to know if its a scam or legit and what is their business model.

Now beats and tango is a website that pays its users some money for listening to music, like pictures, watches videos etc. So far it is my second month on this site and I have been paid for every single withdrawal I make. They pay with MPESA, Paypal and in Bitcoins if you choose that.

To determine if beats and tango is a scam or it is legit and to estimate how long they will be here we have to answer some questions.

Who are the owners and what is their history?

If we can tell who the owners are then there are high chances we can see their past projects or read their profile. Incase owners are hidden then we will have a reason to start worrying.

If you want to check the owner of any site then you need to head to ICANN Lookup and type in the domain name we want to check owners and location for.

icann lookuo

You will see the details. In this case, we are seeing those for see below:

You can see BnT was registered on 2019-11-18 09:24:08 UTC and is expiring in 2021.  This does not mean they will disappear after 2021 they can always renew it. And it also does not mean they will stay till 2021 they can go anytime.

Now the owners are hidden. So we can’t dig deep into their history and profile. Is this a reason to be worried? if you are that person who doesn’t take any risk however less then it is. But I’d assume they don’t want to get spammed or too many messages. I also hide my details because I was getting too many spams emails so let us go to the next question.

What is their business model? How do beats and tango get their money?

If you can tell their business model how they get their money then you can tell how much of a risk it is.

Now we assume artist pay them and they share some of that money with us. The youtube part makes more sense to me. But the photos and music to me do not make sense. One would easily pay to get likes and comments on mainstream social media like Facebook or Instagram but for BnT it makes no sense to me.

Again why do users pay to earn? If musicians pay for people to watch their music why should we also pay in order to earn?

Understanding HYIP

HYIP is the abbreviation for High Yield Investment Programs. These are programs that promise to pay users highly on their investment. What they do is they collect money from newly registered users and use that to pay those who are due. This continues the pyramid grows until when those who are due for payment are more or almost equal to the newly registered users at this point it becomes unsustainable and then boom they disappear.

Can You Make Money with HYIP?

Yes. Most people make a lot of money from HYIPs. You just need to be smart and brave.  Ensure you do the following:

  • Be among the first to join: Mistakes people make is waiting to see if they pay for a month or two before they invest. Its true HYIPs will pay for those one or two months and by the time you make your mind to invest that’s when they will be leaving. HYIPs can be there for 2 – 12 months so join as early as possible and you will make money.
  • Invest only what you can afford to lose. Don’t be greedy invest what you can lose comfortably without having stress for a long time. Again after investing, you will have the option to re-invest. A lot of people will start re-investing or upgrading before they fully recover what they invest. It can work but remember this is something the owners had thought of. They will encourage you to upgrade or reinvest so that they hold more of your money and for a long time. So my advice is to re-invest only after recovering what you invested plus at least 50% profit. Then you can re-invest some back if you feel they can still be around for some time.
  • Build a network of like-minded people: If you have a network of people who think like you or are willing to take big risks then it means you can invite them immediately you join and you can earn from them as your referrals. This will make you earn and recover your money back way faster. We can be friends just reach out to me on
  • Be willing to accept and try again: Most of the time you will be losing money and not making a profit for some time.

Getting started with beats and tango

Now that you understand HYIP and you have read beats and tango review, let us see how to get started.

  1. Create an account with them: You can use my code 9PGR0EGH9A on this link when signing up.
  2. Start watching videos or liking photos  with your free account
  3. When you are ready to upgrade got to packages and choose the one you are comfortable with and pay.
  4. And that is it.


That was my honest beats and tango review. Let me know if you took the risk. Now I write and make videos about making money online and blogging you may consider following me on youtube, Facebook and Twitter to get notifications whenever I come across an opportunity and I have not written about it yet.

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