Affiliate Marketing Ultimate Guide | Kenya

If you are looking for ways to make some extra cash from home or without having to get a job, then here is a guide to help you start making money with affiliate marketing in Kenya

Affiliate marketing is a type of business where you earn from advertising a product or service of another company. Your success is determined by the number of customers you bring.

Getting started is not hard and you can start within an hour. Just find the product you like and well conversed with and start promoting it on social media. See the list of best affiliate programs bellow.

Making money online as an affiliate marketer will work for those who love to talk, write, explain and are good in persuasion.

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How to become successful in making money with affiliate marketing in Kenya

Love it

The greatest secret of affiliate marketing is loving what you are doing if you don’t love affiliate marketing then you are just same as that employee who doesn’t like their job. And here its more dangerous as you won’t get the salary here.

While choosing the products, choose something you have interest in. For example, if you are into bodybuilding then go for bodybuilding products. This way you will love it.

Make baby steps

Accept slow growth, don’t expect to start today and earn $300 immediately, start with $1 and turn that into $10 until you get to where you want.

Most people when you ask them why they left affiliate marketing they will say it is not paying or paying less and if you ask how long they did it they’ll say weeks or just a month.

Start small and grow as you learn


Learn the product 

Do some research about the product, know what it is, how it is used, its advantages and disadvantages.

Also, learn about its competitors and have a reason why the customer should buy it and not the other.

Knowledge of the product will also help you promote it well and be more persuasive.


Be consistent this will build the trust of your prospects and help you not to give up.

When it pains more and you feel like you can’t do it aanymore that is when you are a bout to make it. Never give up!

Build a Reputation

Your reputation matters a lot in affiliate marketing. You need to be so good in the field you are selling products on.

Sell only legit products and focus on adding value to your customers.

Sharing fake links, spams or posting low-quality programs will affect your reputation.

An example is when you send those fake links or maybe 50GB bundles with your conducts on Whatsapp.  You are losing respects

Learn From Others

Learning is part of every business, see what your mentors do, ask questions and join communities like Facebook groups etc

If there is any training by the company or organization, don’t miss.

Tips for affiliate marketing

  • Go fo products with high commissions some give up to 50%
  • Share your affiliate link widely; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and your blog if you have one.
  • Ensure you give value. Let people know your product will solve their problem rather than just making you money.

Top sites

You can become a Jumia sales consultant.

Jumia Jforce

You make money selling items supplied by Jumia. Jumia will do the delivery for you. You just place the order and wait for your commission.

One reason I like this is that you earn while shopping for yourself too.  I saved $30 when I bought my laptop.

You don’t need to pay anything to get started. No waiting for approval.

They also have amazing training

Travel start is also a very nice one. They deal with flights, hotels and car hiring services. Commissions are based on the sales you made during the months

You get Ksh. 400 ~= $4 per domestic booking and Ksh. 1200 ~= $12 per international bookings.

If you can do just 3 international bookings and 4 domestic bookings, you’ll have good money a month.

It is also free to get started.

Find products to promote from Clickbank

Get products from several nitches here.

Though you need a website to get started

Jvzoo is another good one with several products you can promote.

You keep 100% of the commission

How much can I earn?

It depends on your nitch

Your ability to persuade

And How much effort you put into it.

You can earn hundreds of thousands a month if you do it right.

Do you have other interesting affiliate programs? Share them in the comments section. and let me know how you doing it


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  1. I have this affiliate marketing program called earn smart and one needs only 500 to get started and any direct referral you get through your link earns you 300 and indirects 100 and the level 3 indirect 50..

    • Thay is not an affiliate marketing. Its a hyip. Affiliate marketing is when you sell products for someone and you earn percentage from that sale

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