About making-money online finicky

About make-money-online finicky

So I have been looking at ways to make money online from the comfort of my home, well I’d no longer say comfort again, it is clearly struggles of your home. People make it sound like you’ll just click a button and get the amount of money you want. My Four years Search of the same has led to me learning a lot of things that I will be sharing here.

Become a member of this site and you will have access to lots of opportunity and investment options. My main aim is to shorten your learning curve and help you set up a stable way to make money online either by investing money or time or both. You just have to invest one thing though.

Who am I?

symons ombori
Symons at his office

I’m Symons OmboriĀ Computer Scientist from Kenya. Apart from my career, I’m always open to other opportunities. I have been in making money online since December 2015. I have been doing:

  • MLM(Multi-level Marketing)
  • Blogging
  • Vlogging
  • Investing
  • Little of Forex
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Tasks like taking surveys and many more.

I have a proper understanding of the above. Along the way, I have been scammed, Conned and lost money from my recklessness, but all that was just learning experience. I’ll share with you some scenarios that will make you laugh and learn.

See the next post that I talk about how I got into making money online. keep it make-money-online finicky

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  1. Great work.
    Remember this comment in a couple of years when all this starts to pay big(not only financially but also in terms of network). R.

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